O’Reilly Panel Erupts Over Race: White People Don’t Get To Tell Us Who Our Civil Rights Leaders Are

O’Reilly Panel Erupts Over Race: White People Don’t Get To Tell Us Who Our Civil Rights Leaders Are

On Thursday night’s O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reillywent after Al Sharpton for his ties to a company that supports rapper Lil Wayne, who recently came out with a song with controversial lyrics about slain black teenager Emmett Till. Tonight O’Reilly guest host Laura Ingraham conducted a fiery debate over the responsibility of black leaders to focus on the important issues and whether white people have any standing to talk about the problems of the black community in the first place.

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Jasmyne Cannick fired back against O’Reilly’s comments by proclaiming, “White people don’t get to tell us who our civil rights leaders are or who to look up to,” adding that Sharpton doesn’t necessarily represent the entirety of civil rights leadership. She also found it striking how “all of a sudden, it’s like white people care about black America.”

Ingraham shot back that such rhetoric puts white people in a corner, because they get criticized for not engaging on these issues, but when, like O’Reilly, they do, they also get criticized. Chris Metzler shot back at Cannick by calling her argument “ridiculous,” insisting it’s not about white people “telling us what to do,” it’s about addressing the problems of the black community. Cannick piped up, “And white people don’t get to lead us on that!”

Cannick also pointed out that the majority of hip-hop consumers are white people, and got the others to agree with her by saying they should “ask white America to stop supporting Lil Wayne.” Ingraham concluded that if Sharpton talked more about family and educational issues in the black community, he could make a difference, but now he’s “actually reversing a lot of the progress that’s been made between the races.”

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