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City Place is responsible for dispensing and controlling both prescription and non-prescription medicine. They also advise customers on general healthcare. … Employment as a retail pharmacist involves: providing advice about health issues, symptoms and medications in response to customer inquiries.

City Place Compounding is a pharmacy located in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. We specialize in making customized medications based on physician’s orders. Compounding is the art of making custom made prescription medications specifically for individual patients to meet their unique needs. Our pharmacy features a state of the art compounding lab, a clean room for sterile products, a private consultation area and an extensive line of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements.

Our pharmacists and staff have received extensive training in specialty compounding and nutrition to provide you with the highest quality of compounds and supplements.

Our specialties include:

  • Human and Veterinary Compounding
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Male Impotence Therapy
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Pain Management
  • Sterile Eye Drops
  • Hospice Care
  • Dental Compounds
  • Flavored Medication for Kids
  • Consultations

FHW, LLC is a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, herbalists and fitness professionals. Our team of professionals enables us to deliver convenient, comprehensive services to help individuals be fit, healthy and well.

Our practice is rooted in three primary areas:

Fitness.  According to the Surgeon General, “As a society, we have to begin to change our habits one healthy choice at a time. Change starts with the individual choices we as Americans make each day for ourselves and those around us. Balancing good nutrition and physical activity while managing daily stressors is always a challenge, but one that can be achieved. Finding time to shop for and prepare healthy meals after work and between family activities requires planning. Stress and a lack of available healthy and affordable foods are some of the reasons why many people turn to fast food as a regular source for meals.”

Health. Many Americans say that being in good health is critical to them. At HFW, our medical professionals use a combination of traditional medicine and holistic medicine to work with our patients in treating their medical conditions. Our herbalist uses the finest herbs and spices when addressing needs. Our medical conditions working in conjunction with our care team, utilizes the most innovative ways of health along with tools, products and plans to attain health goals.

Wellness. Being well is both physical and emotional. Our care team uses a number of natural products to promote both. 

Next Generation is the nation’s Premier Full Service Specialty Lab, striving to provide lab solutions for a healthy and fit lifestyle. We provide a first class, personalized service for Physicians and Guests worldwide, offering the best in high quality diagnostic testing, with an extraordinary emphasis on making sure you receive the most accurate and reliable test results.

Gordium Healthcare Inc. is a trauma informed multidisciplinary behavioral healthcare organization that incorporates a complete spectrum of medical care with comprehensive mental health treatment. Our objective is to treat and rehabilitate our patients by providing a superior quality of care, which is achieved through continuity of care and measured by reducing recidivism tracked over a significant period of time.

JMI Group — Founding Principal 

While many big enterprises face common supply chain challenges, from growth to cost-down initiatives, efficiency to responsiveness-oriented supply networks, towards how to handle digital disruption, the issues land very differently from one sector to another. As a result, how your operational model needs to evolve requires blending deep operational and sector experience. 

With JMI, you will be working with sector colleagues who know your industry inside-out and identify the issues and pressures with the highest improvement potential. Deep sector and operations insight means we can share what’s coming over the hill, from threats and disruptions to opportunities and innovations, and we can also help you decide what to do about them.

How we help you do that:

Operations Strategy

Operations Management

Operations Transformation

Operational Excellence

Expert Witness Services

Employment Risk: Hiring, Harassment Prevention and Training, EEO investigations etc. 

Advise Group –Chief Disruption Officer

Advise Group brings together specialists for the treatment of Trauma, Complex Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the associative behaviors and feelings. Sexual abuse, rape, childhood abuse, loss of a loved one, a messy divorce, and unhealthy family relationships are some examples of the traumas our practitioners clear.  Feelings of shame, guilt, entitlement, recklessness, anger, rage, and fear are some the feelings our clients are experiencing and are keeping them stuck from moving on with their lives.

Focal Adaptive Solutions 4 Trauma or FAS4T, is our proprietary modality for clearing these traumas.  Usually done over a three day intensive,  our skilled and caring practitioners work with you at a local hotel or in your home here in Florida.  Treatment is painless, easy, and quick.  Unlike most traditional  therapies which takes months or longer, FAS4T gets to the root cause of these feelings, clearing and resolving the hurt and the pain.   Clients describe the after effect as feeling light and at peace.  Fas4T is not best suited for behaviors that include chemical dependency or other addictions.

Where chemical or alcohol dependency is present, Advise Group  offers clients and their families a comprehensive solution including those with a dual diagnosis. By integrating many specialists from western, eastern, and alternative medicine, we believe real healing can be achieved. 

The mobile doctor’s office contains two exam rooms separated by walls instead of curtains for patient privacy.  It has the appropriate refrigeration needed to store medicines and lab specimens.  A wall of glass windows lends a bright, airy and inviting feel. There is even the traditional doctor’s office waiting room complete with flat screen TV.

Like any doctor’s office, care will be by appointment.  911 Urgent Care will reach out to members it identifies as having a specific medical need and make appointments for them. Medical staffing in the mobile clinic will depend on that day’s range of appointments. Patients can expect to see nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Medical services provided will include annual wellness visits and immunizations, osteoporosis testing for women who have recently had fractures, retinal eye exams for diabetics, colorectal cancer screenings, postpartum care, medication reviews, smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling, as well as blood draws and urine samples needed to test for chronic medical conditions.

Made exclusively for women, Myristica exudes the beauty of Caribbean skin. Developed using Mother Earth’s ingredients, its mantra is to remember the beauty in each and every one of us.

Myristica Skin Care is prepared with all things pure and natural in mind, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances that are incompatible with our skin.

Our formulation is tailor-made from the mystical rainforests, where nutmeg is grown. Nutmeg provides gentle exfoliation, brightening, reduces uneven pigmentation and stimulates all types of skin for a radiant complexion.

Mostly known as a spice in modern times, Nutmeg has been around for centuries. It is our key ingredient in Myristica, rich in anti-aging support to boost the appearance and health of the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic with antioxidants to relieve acne, eczema and aging skin.

Each product in the line is inspired by the elements of the Earth and Rainforest. We have circled back to the natural beauty of the Caribbean, reminiscent of the healing plants, fragrant tropical flowers and flora, that have helped our ancestors to maintain such beautiful, glowing skin.

Myristica embodies notes of nutmeg, roses, exotic flowers and rich fruits that carry in the wind to capture and invigorate your senses. Luscious tropical fruits and exotic fragrances such as Nutmeg, Spice, MidNite Breeze, tangerine and other Caribbean scents, will relax, refresh and rejuvenate the soul.

All products are organic, natural, cruelty-free and non-toxic. Myristica will leave your skin looking and feeling as if it is on a healing retreat.

Delivering high-quality, Caribbean care, Mannish W embodies the benefits of nature and caters to the scientific needs of men’s skin care.

Men have 30-40% thicker skin, more oil-producing glands and larger pores than women. Align the differences in men’s and women’s daily grooming routines and everything points to the same issue… wanting to look your best! Your skin requires care that is specially formulated for your unique needs in mind – not something formulated for a woman.

Mannish W is tailor-made from the mystical rainforests of Grenada, where nutmeg is grown. Nutmeg provides hydration, gentle exfoliation, brightening, reduces uneven pigmentation and stimulates all types of skin for a radiant complexion.

Mostly known as a spice in modern times, Nutmeg has been around for centuries. It is our key ingredient in Mannish W. Rich in anti-aging support, it boosts the appearance and health of the skin.

Mannish W products promote quick absorption with lightweight formulations to meet your skin demands. Nutmeg, Spice, MidNite Breeze, Tangerine and Caribbean Coconut combat skin concerns through the power of nature.

All products are organic, natural, cruelty-free and non-toxic. It will leave your skin looking and feeling as if it is on a healing retreat.