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I think Americans gave the House back to Dems in 2018 to test the waters, like “let’s see what they’re about.”

The short answer?

Open borders, socialism, non-condemnation of anti-semitism, Green New Deal, infanticide, partisan investigations...

The answer is “Yikes”.

Muslim extremists accused of targeting Christians in Nigeria https://t.co/EBXRZRPVu2 via @YouTube #OANN @NeilWMcCabe2

Let's talk about some #FakeNews today. Tell me some of your favorite #FakeNewsMedia stories. #ThursdayThoughts #FactsMatter https://t.co/L62BZWrlTr

Please stop making the argument that New Zealand has banned guns so why can’t we. We live in America, not New Zealand. I am@sure immigration is@allowed there. Just sayin

Today is #InternationalDayofHappiness & as you all know, #wine makes me happy. What makes you happy? #WednesdayWisdom #wednesdaymotivation #wednesday #winewednesday

FOX News welcome Donna Brazile. Conservatives are outraged. Boycott much?

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