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Happy Sunday! Did you miss @RedandBlackShow this week? Don't worry - it's up now and so are @DrChrisMetzler @JeffOnTheRight @RealKiraDavis - so tune in!


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"...any Black man or woman worth their salt...for substantive, permanent, & empowering change for equity and Constitutional equality...must be bold...disruptive, boisterous, inspiring, and persistent..."


@RealKiraDavis @JeffOnTheRight @DrChrisMetzler

@SpreadFacts @JeffOnTheRight @KerwinWilliams1 @DrChrisMetzler @RealCandaceO Frequently these conversations and statements lack nuance and data. That’s all I’ll say about that. However, people should look up where Black people are doing economically well as far as major cities; some may be surprised by the results.

Red + Black: Cancelling Dr Seuss & The Trouble with Cousin Candy (PREMI... https://t.co/euQQijDldW via @YouTube

@RealCandaceO We went from prominent, intelligent Black leaders like Colin Powell (who has left the Republican Party) to @RealCandaceO to represent for voice of Black Republicans! Definitely a set back for the Party!

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