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Good job #Democrats, you successfully put a #segregationist in office while controlling the #FakeNewsMedia to accuse #Trump of being a white supremacists. And you're all celebrating this with @JLo & @ladygaga while @AOC makes a list to target Trump supporters. #Fascist

It's no longer enough for the political left to compete against us in elections and debates.

Now they want to deplatform, delegitimize, and destroy anyone who advances the America First movement.

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MLK Day 2021


My outfit of the day, because brunch and berets make me feel like I'm on vacation in France. Hmmm, Metzler in Paris could be a thing. It would be about fashion, food and wine. #SundayVibes

@MrMokelly @DrChrisMetzler @JeffOnTheRight @NerdORamaNews Whelp...Those of us who are of a certain age and/or know the source material will find #WandaVision absolutely AMAZING...For younger audiences that know nothing about the characters or their story outside the Marvel movies...Yeah...Not so much πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

@DrChrisMetzler @NerdORamaNews @Tawala @MrMokelly Tim Pool is not exactly a good person to listen to about this stuff.

The show is excellent. I felt like I was a kid again, watching Mr. Ed and the Dick Van Dyke show. Very well done.

I feel like I'll almost miss the old school sitcom feel when the reveal happens.

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