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@TenPointPG @keyshawn @shondarhimes @MrMokelly @RealKiraDavis @JeffOnTheRight @RedandBlackShow @RedState @Shermichael_ @DrChrisMetzler @CoachFelecia @SonnieJohnson Those folks on this list have those debates honestly, openly, & respectfully...every...single...day.

The grifters you're trying to call out? Sorry: they're in the room down the hall to the right behind the door titled "30 pieces of silver".

That's not here, though. #JustSayin

Loving this tea. Made in America and ships all over. A plus with my busy schedule. @SerendipiTeaUSA

So ask yourself if @chelseahandler will pay your taxes and buy your vote? Or is this offer just for @50cent and anyone she deems worthy? @Joy_Villa @redamericaradio @KarynTurk @Lennymcallister @JeffOnTheRight @RealKiraDavis #smdh πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

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